Contact: Kim Parling

Number: 0800 6122 306

What do we do?

Sounds Right Phonics classes introduce children to letters and sounds.
The MINI’S class gives toddlers the opportunity to explore sounds, rhymes and develop and enhance speaking and listening. Each class is high energy and includes activities to improve gross motor skills. The Sounds Right classes include sounds recognition, alliteration, and oral blending and segmenting. This high energy class also includes the Dough Disco and other activities to help improve fine and gross motor skills.

Who can join?

Target Age Group(s):
MINI Sounds Right Phonics Classes aimed at 16 months – 32 months.
Sounds Right Phonics Classes aimed at children aged 2-5.
For boys and girls?: Yes
Suitable for those with disabilities: Yes

When do we meet?

Monday afternoons:
MINI Sounds Right Phonics Class, 1pm-1.45pm
Sounds Right Phonics Class, 2pm-2.45pm


We currently have a special offer of £56 for the ten week term (if booked by 15th September) usually £70.