Here at the Genbukan Suirin Dojo we study and practice the techniques and strategies used by the famous Samurai and shadow warriors (Ninja) of Japan.

Our focus in our children’s classes is for the children to improve their self-confidence and ability whilst having fun doing it.

The classes are split into 3 stations. The children rotate around and take part in a different activity at each station. These include:

  • Working through the Ninpo (Ninja) syllabus and Jujutsu (Samurai) syllabus, perfecting techniques they will be graded on.
  • Weapons training including bokken (wooden sword), Rokushakubo (6ft stick) and hanbo (3ft stick)
  • Kyūjutsu (archery) and Shuriken (Ninja throwing stars)

At the end of each lesson, we run through either a martial arts game or practical self-defense drills

When do we meet:

Every Monday (children) and Tuesday evenings (children and adults)

Cost of session:

£6 a session

Contact Name:

 Chris Collins

Telephone number: 07912690157